Friday, 3 August 2018

They call her Petal

'They call her Petal' is the tale of a crime fighting heroine called Petal (how did you guess?) who, together with friends Popsy and Pepsy foil the criminal caper of a gang of female felons. How? Well, as all three girls are expert in every martial art ever invented, they brake bones, mess up their pretty opponents faces, kick crotches and maul breasts, and tell a few jokes. The story of our heroines beating up the bad girls is here,
It's just 99 pence, and, and and and, an illustrated version has just been completed. With 58 colour pictures of the beautiful bad girls being being beaten up by the equally beautiful trio of martial arts maiden, it goes on sale next week. It'll cost more than 99 pence but anyone with a receipt for the text version can have the picture story free. An address will be made available on this blog in a few days that a receipt can be sent to, and the picture story will be dispatched to them. This offer ends on Monday August 6th, so don't miss out.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Free e-book

Victory to the Ladies

Think all kung-fu kicking heroines are the same? Animated Barbie dolls, dishing out comic book beatings to the bad guys? Yep, we’ve all seen it a thousand times, but here’s something different, something subversive of the stereotypical superbabe. 
Victory to the Ladies is a shocking spoof of the modern heroine. Using the common super heroines format as a starting point, that is, a group of crime fighting martial arts girls, it then takes the genre to a different level of violence, with the way in which our fierce females concentrate their kicks and knees on the weakest part of the villains anatomy making the story border on the fetishistic. Yet it has humour to, as it takes the super heroine tale to an entertainingly ludicrous level. Feminists won't like it, or maybe they will, I'm not sure, maybe some will let me know.
Contains graphic descriptions of violence, so not for the squeamish.

And until midnight March 11th it's free, here,

This is text only. The illustrated version, with over 20 colour pics, is available here,

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Bad Girl magazines for sale$2

Hi everyone,

I've got eleven copies of a discontinued magazine called SHE, published by Draculina, that was primarily about cinema bad girls and tough, fighting chicks. It gave a lot of space to features on Asian girl fighters not widely known in the west. I've decided to sell these mags. All the mags have been read, but are in acceptable condition. The covers can be seen here,

SHE, in the same condition as my copies, sells on E-Bay and retailers for around $20. If you'd like to make me an offer, contact me at

Here's a sample cover,

Friday, 8 April 2016


I've had a few inquiries about the illustrated ballbusting stories I once sold, so I've decided to make two available again, and may add more if there's sufficient interest.
Currently 'Pippa the Man Destroyer' is available. It's a mixed fight, with the girl winning of course, and her male opponent left with a very painful crotch! Just £1.50. And 'The Lady in Command', a series of pictures of lovely ladies defeating men in fights, with ballbusting aplenty! Just £2.25. Both available here, in the 'Girls Victorious' section.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

New Picture Story

In a previous tale of mine, an interpretation of a classic Eneg story, 'The Maid from Mars', I told of how a Martian girl came to earth and seriously beat up an earth girl. Well, she's back, and meaner than ever! 17 pages of colour illustrations show her giving a cute babe called Yvonne a terrible beating. Yvonne ends up battered, bloodied and naked, in one of the most violent, one-sided girl fights you'll ever see. Titled 'The Maid from Mars Returns', it's just £2.50 from here,

Monday, 22 February 2016

Tammy and Katy Fight it out.

Tammy and Katy are lovely ladies with a strong dislike of each other, so they decide to fight, with their husbands watching.

It's a brutal battle, and they both target the most personnel part of a lady's anatomy for attack, while their husbands anxiously watch. 16 pages with 14 colour pictures illustrate this sexy and violent cat fight, £1.75 here,